How do you balance, BUSY?

I am one of those lucky people who is able to work from home and yet I am still here wondering how I will balance busy? I work full time, my daughter does virtual school at home with me as the learning guide (ever since covid we moved to this model), I am trying to learn UI/UX design, I am trying to find a job, and I am trying to learn skills to maintain my current job.

Some of my busy is self created! I waste way too much time playing with my phone! And not enough time cleaning!! I struggle because I know if I don’t pause and push my kid to do activities she will do zilch. Exercise is important to me but I have been having a hard time getting back it. It’s the too busy then the I am too tired from sitting all day excuse! I know that I need exercise. So it is my top priority and time to get back to it.

Let’s be real here fitness is 2nd to diet. But without it your poor body and mind suffer. I have always noticed this!

How do you get yourself back on track for working out? I wish that health and diet could be my career!

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