Junk foods.

I saw an Instagram gal who was super fit and trim post a video that showed what people think she eats and what she really eats. What she really eats portion of the video was beautifully made, rainbow-colored foods that will fill of natural and clean ingredients. They looked more like art than something edible! I wouldn’t know how to cook like that. How do you achieve that? I mean really garbage in – garbage out. I have terrible food all day long. Nothing good really! I want to be healthier and trimmer and honestly not sure I care about the number on the scale as much as I do how I feel. Maybe if I try to integrate one rainbow meal a day? It might make a difference. This always brings me back to checks and balances when it comes to weight loss. You can have the less healthy food but it cannot be all the time. It needs to be a treat you have occasionally.