How to emotional eat

Since September I have been slowing fall into the abyss of off the wagon. Please know I am in no way done! I am not giving up myself. What is emotional eating for me? So it’s when I am stressed, no longer counting calories (because thats when I get out of control), and I tend to eat bad foods; and all foods at a faster rate. I eat while I am cooking my meal and after I am done when I am full.

Emotional eating I usually eat faster, as though those calories don’t count as much. And I will eat much more and unmeasured. Today I will focus on slowing down and marking it all down and being back on the wagon. When I am emotional eating I am also not weighing myself. AND I also gave up on fitness because it doesn’t seem worth it. Meanwhile my body aches from lack of activity.

It’s 5:30AM as I write this and I am just starting the day and plan to be on track. I know me, it needs to be all the time and I believe it is sustainable and not difficult. The reason I fell off was losing faith in me; and beating myself up. I have been pretty unhappy about my job and wanting to move on. I have been interviewing and its stressful. Not the interviewing part but the actual moving on. I am not proud of the company I am currently at and what they stand for. I am ready to move forward with a new adventure. And that also means I will probably take a pay and benefit cut. That’s the part that is not easy.

So here I am commiting to today. I will do more for myself. I will not give up on myself. I will treat my body well and pray.

Do You Believe In Divine Intervention?

This past year so much has happened, with Covid, and a new job etc. I believe in divine intervention. Everything happens for a reason and there are no coincidences. I believed in Karma but I didn’t believe in divine intervention until 2020. My eyes were opened and it has been a spiritual change for me. Its hard to believe in God when we are being educated by atheist schools, atheist films and movies. When you realize God is real, and you are a miraculous human being here for a reason. You will see that the quote: “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”—Charles Baudelaire. Isn’t just a random quote for oh shucks sake but its the truth.

Being a person who never had a religion until this past year, has been a slow evolving process for me. At first the reality that if people could be practice Satanism and worship Lucifer it meant that they believed in God. They don’t care if you don’t believe in Satan but they actually WANT you to not believe in God! That anyone that evil could exist, and they do… was alarming to me.

When you see it, their ties to everything, even going shopping in a store will annoy you. The control and want for people to worship their god is everywhere around us. When this first hit me, I thought IT WAS CRAZY. But the “coincidences” just keep coming until you realize they are not coincidence.

I am not comfortable talking about certain aspects that woke me up but the main gist is that it started three weeks into covid. It was eye opening seeing everything and as time has passed I’ve seen how leaving my job was part of getting me to this point. And switching my role to full time remote before covid has benefited me in the long run. Then witnessing all of the chaos and ties of sources. Its interesting to think that a normal decision I made that would have been considered a foolish gamble turned out to not mattering due to all the of the circumstances. And it actually worked well.

It really is fascinating how it all comes together and I cannot help but question do I have a guardian angel? What is so special about me? Why would I awaken? I have sinned a lot and I am definitely flawed so what makes me worth waking up? I am meek and passive. The idea of spreading the word of GOD scares me. I have always been the type to not stand for things. To not show my hand. So what good am I to the entire movement. Why wake me up?