Get back on Track to Weight Loss!

I am not a doctor; I am just a normal person who is on a weight loss journey. I started July 2021 at 175 pounds, and I am currently at 157.6 pounds. I have lost a whopping 17 pounds in a year. I fell off track for a few months but after I made some life changes, I was able to regain my composure. How did I do it? You probably won’t like this answer but, in this post, I will share with you how I was able to get back on track and how I will get to my goal of 135 pounds. I cannot imagine hitting that goal, but I will aim for it! 

Last year I was enthusiastically losing and being healthy. When I was hit with massive work stress. It was horrible and through me off track. I had lost 20 pounds and I just slowly fell back to eating badly and gained 10 pounds back. When I fell off track it wasn’t just off track it was depression and lack of interest in getting back on track. The major change that I made that helped me to get back on track was stopping drinking coffee. Don’t stop reading. Maybe you don’t drink coffee? Maybe you drink soda? Maybe alcohol? For me it was coffee, and it wasn’t even the good kind! I would have coffee either black or with cream. I didn’t put sugar in my coffee. In May I decided I wanted to stop drinking coffee to see if it would help with anxiety, stress, red face, increased heart rate, and the last thing I thought it would help with was weight loss.

I drank 2-4 cups of coffee each day and I loved it. I thought I needed it. It was time consuming and expensive. I quit cold turkey and I was exhausted. I immersed myself in reading about why you should detox or quit coffee while I was quitting to help stay motivated. Here is the weird part by day four I was still tired, but I was feeling motivated to do better with myself and my life! To eat healthier. I decided to do daily weigh ins, count calories, and do weekly measurements to start keeping myself accountable. And here is the part I didn’t expect at all with quitting coffee, I used to suffer from decision making fatigue. At the end of the day I didn’t care, I was more impulsive! I would say whatever and have two pieces of pizza with onion rings. Because I deserved a treat. Now I feel clear in that that is not even a treat and will do me no good. That one piece is enough. My journey is not perfect, by any stretch. But this has helped me a lot. Are you drinking or eating something that might alter your brain chemistry and cause that fatigue? If I drink alcohol, I have the same decision fatigue.

With stopping coffee my heart rate is also much less per a minute. I was 58-65bpm and now I am at 49-55bpm! That blows my mind. And I feel like its only getting better seeing these changes from no longer drinking coffee. Maybe you have a habit you can kick and it will help you launch into other small healthful changes?

Weight Loss Secrets, how to get on track

Other people find success in weight loss so HOW do you find success too? This article I will share my secrets to getting yourself back on track and into that weight loss state of mind!

Weight loss takes an exceptionally long time, so part of why you hear the words lifestyle change so much is because often you will be doing this for a long time. Find a weight loss program that works well for you. What exactly does that mean? Anytime you eat at a calorie deficit you will lose weight. If you choose to do NOOM, weight watchers, or KETO it does not matter! Because you should enjoy the process, be able to maintain it, and like what you are eating. The reason low-calorie high-volume works for me is because I feel like I am getting a good portion, yet it is low calories.

So back to it, to get on track you need to be ready.

  • Prepare meal ideas and food
  • Also prepare by doing things to keep yourself motivated. For me, those things are:
    • daily weigh-ins
    • calorie tracking
    • weekly measurements

Whenever I stop doing these things, my interests in weight loss start to fade (every single time). For some people stepping on the scale every day is a negative thing. Please do what works best for you. The reason weighing myself everyday helps me when I am actively trying to lose weight is because:

  1. I can see how foods interact with my body, it is all scientific and data analysis
  2. It keeps me focused and reminds me of what I am doing at the start of every day

In closing, give yourself a break. You got this and will find the focus. Weight loss is not a sprint but a lifelong process. Please take enjoyment in how you live, while treating your body well.

What am I doing wrong, I’m not losing weight?

This question comes up at least once a month and I also asked that same question when I first started. Here are some of the reasons why you may not be seeing weight loss when you first start trying to lose weight.

Again, disclaimer that I am not a dietician or a healthcare worker. This is my own experience through trial and error and I am still working on it! I have lost 15 lbs and I need to lose 25 lbs!

When I started my journey I was starving and seeing a 1 pound weight loss every two weeks. And that was a touchy 1 pound that could go up at any second.

  1. Calorie deficit. I started out with 1250 and I was deducting my calories burned so I’d more than the 1250 but I burn at least 200-500 calories a day. That didn’t work for me, I went with the calorie count from and I stopped deducting the calories burned.
  2. Be Honest. Be honest about everything you eat. I know sometimes we think, oh its just one cookie. Yes, it is but add it to your daily totally of food intake because you will see that maybe your calories are too high and that is why? Sometimes it easier to think there is something wrong than to be honest with ourselves! You are only lying to yourself.
  3. You don’t have to be hungry or perfect! Just because you are on a diet and possibly doing a calorie deficit doesn’t mean you have to change all of your food choices and go to be starving! Yes, you will need to make some adjustments because maybe you weren’t eating healthy before. Replacing snacks with fruit or veggies is always great but don’t be afraid to treat yourself. Searching for high volume, low calorie recipes!

When people post this question in groups, I totally understand where they are coming from. Its difficult to be in that position because you want it to start happening. The only recommendation that is true is stay positive, keep trying and mix things up. Try things on a week to two week basis. Watch the scale and drink a lot of water. Just know that you are taking positive action instead of sitting there feeling bad for yourself!

The Weight Loss Struggle

I belong to a few weight loss groups online and I see two different struggles that are common. The first the person who is always on a diet but never actually sticks to it and can’t commit. The second is the person who is doing everything they can and still aren’t losing. I am nutritionist or healthcare worker, and everyone is different but based on my experience I know what its like to be in bother positions and this article is about those two struggles.

The Person Who Can’t Seem to Commit
Every Monday you promise to start, or every big important event you want to start but NEVER do. Or you do but give up by noon due to frustration and stress. I have been here, I think we have to reach that breaking point of realizing this isn’t what I want for myself. Every single day at the end of the day I’d beat myself up for eating badly and not exercising. Swearing to myself tomorrow was the day. Also having every single excuse in the book, like what will eat everyday (like having a meal plan will change it?). I know how you feel. I have been there too.

I knew I wanted to address my weight after I got my hysterectomy. I had hoped that my uterus weighed 30 pounds but it didn’t. It really didn’t become an issue of I had enough of being chubby and getting chubbier by the day, until my daughter was embarrassed by my appearance when we were out walking together. She’s embarrassed by everything I do, at her current age, but this really hit home because it embarrassed me as well. And I knew she wasn’t trying to be mean or offend me. And I knew what saw and felt was true.

I decided I didn’t care what I did I was changing my life and sticking to it. I love writing and blogging the experience has helped me stay motivated as well. It’s also help me to realize some things about my diet and emotional eating. But the point here is you need to be ready. And the first place to jump in and start is tracking calories and portioning, adding small things in will make a big difference. If you just start to be aware and take those steps, you have officially started your journey and it doesn’t need to be an elaborate diet plan!

Weight Loss Resistant!
The second person is the one says they are doing everything right but still not losing weight. There is nothing more frustrating than this. And then when you go to forums or discussions groups and they say pay no attention to the scale. That is how I got into this situation!! Or the advice of stick with it, it takes time. Yes, they are right but there is nothing more frustrating that seeing no results or .2 pounds in a month! What the?!

So my advice again, is from a web developer, please take it with a grain of salt! I was struggling to see the scale move too. I like weighing myself daily to know how foods impact my body. This is important to me. If you wanted to grow plants in your garden and test which plant fertilizers work better, you’d experiment over time. You may need to do the same with your body, and I know if you are like me you will think, but what if I gain when I do this or that? Don’t worry about it you spent years of being on the downward slope you are making attempts to change for the better. This is a positive journey. Test out different foods, calorie counts, for a week or two and record your progress. Perhaps, you aren’t doing as much exercise as the calorie app says and you need a lower deficit. Or maybe your measurements are off on the portions, invest in a food scale ($9 on amazon!).

My advice is to mix it up and keep trying because once you commit to you, all you have is time! Keep researching healthy eats, recipes and tips. It will help keep you motivated. You are worth caring about yourself daily!

In closing, this is something that stays with me and seems silly but I have to mention it. All the times in my life where I have made major changes that have been positive have been around the 27 / 28th of the month. If you believe in numerology or specific dates being positive to you that might help! I didn’t plan to start on that date but just noticed a pattern for me during my lifetime of that date being a good start for positive change.

Where do you gain weight?

I find it interesting how people gain weight differently. For me the bulk of me gain is EVERYWHERE then it starts to accumulate on my stomach. Because of how I gain weight it tends to be a slow creep. I can squeeze into the same size for 20 pounds worth of fat! It doesn’t look good but it happens!! I’ve lost 12 pounds and the size I am wearing and have been consistently wearing is still tight!

The only reason this is on my mind today is my stomach is bloated today. I had been feeling trim and thin but today its very bloated. Who knows why maybe its pms related, its hard to gauge this since getting my hysterectomy!

I also know they say there are different reasons for the weight gain pending how or where you gain it. Curious what you have discovered?

Secret to Weight Loss Success

When I started this journey I made a couple changes and I thought I’d easily lose weight because I had been so lazy and eating so poorly. I figured any change would make me lose weight in the beginning. I was wrong.

The hard part and the secret to losing weight is that its going to take a long time. This is why you always hear the words, LIFE STYLE CHANGE.

It’s not impossible to do, I assure you. I am far from perfect and I still haven’t lost all my weight. I am down 12 pounds from where I started and I still have another 22 pounds to go. My goal is to make it there because, if I am not doing this I am doing that other thing that makes me very unhappy. That thing where I get instant gratification of eating whatever I want, whenever I want but at the end of the day I feel fat and out of shape and unhealthy (BECAUSE THAT IS HOW I AM WHEN I EAT “INTUITIVELY”).

The secret for me is eating at a calorie deficit, which does make you hungrier but eating foods I enjoy that are low calorie and high volume. You will be surprised by the options that exist when you shop and eat more creatively. And the secret is also consistency. As much as we want it to happen overnight, it just doesn’t. I know it feels like you woke up fat and out of shape but you didn’t. It probably took you years to get there. Take this one day at a time. Be kind and loving to yourself.

Is it normal to be so hungry while dieting?

There are certain questions I had and certain questions I see over and over on forums. This is one of them. I know it seems so obvious but when you aren’t used to this its weird and you wonder am I doing something wrong? According to my daily intake of calories for weight loss should be 1150 and for maintenance it’d be around 1650. I have an office job so I consider myself sedentary. It’s important to realize you will be hungry anytime you are eating at a calorie deficit. Its normal and natural. The way to try COMBAT that hunger is to eat foods that higher in fiber and protein. Another method is to eat foods that low calorie and allow for higher volume. Like when I make a wrap I load up on extra veggies. Or have popcorn as a snack or pretzels at the end of the day. Every night I’d go to bed hungry and I lost like 1 pound in 14 days. It was discouraging. It has gotten better as I find more alternatives and tricks. Please don’t give it because if you do you will be back at the place of why am I not doing something about this. And a friend once said to me, sure you have “only” lost 8 pounds but what if you had gained that 8 from where you started! It’s shining light on the dark and realizing you can do better.

Love yourself 💓