Why I dumped decaf coffee

I love coffee. Regular coffee. Decaf coffee. I am addicted to it either way! I quit drinking regular coffee about a year ago and decided to integrate decaf into my diet last September. Since then, I have gained 12 pounds but what are the other unexpected health issues associated with decaf coffee? Apparently, it may cause heart problems but also, that it is processed with chemicals to remove the caffeine that are carcinogenic! It also may cause rheumatoid arthritis! But here is the one I have been noticing, it caused acidity in my stomach. It was probably a combination of things stress and decaf but I was to the point where the regurgitation was so bad I wasn’t able to eat. So here I am walking away from decaf coffee. I feel good about the decision. I have been noticing some other side effects of the withdrawal, that include back pain and hip pain. No kidding. So now I am trying to get my diet back on track and lose weight. I want to lose 30 lbs. Here I am ….

What is it about coffee that makes me…

This is the weirdest thing in the world and I have mentioned this before about regular coffee but here I am to say the same about decaf coffee. When I quit regular coffee I notice this change after the horrible withdrawal side effects faded. It makes me more impulsive and out of control. It’s the weirdest thing and I bet I am the only person to come up with this lol. I notice the same is true with decaf. It’s whatever chemical is in this stuff makes it so maybe I am more tired and less likely to fight it? But I gain weight when drinking both regular and decaf coffee. It’s like I don’t care or something. As the day goes on I eat more and care less. Perhaps my brain is more tired from the coffee. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

I am happy to be away from the caffeine because I noticed now when I drink it I totally crash. But I am addicted to even the decaf when I drink it has to be two cups. The more I have the more I want. I don’t experience the withdrawals I have when I stop regular coffee.

So here I am to quit decaf too. I am sad as I love it but it’s like I go off the rails. My weight is almost up to 170lbs.

Decaf OCD

Last year I stopped drinking coffee and it was the best choice I had made. I noticed I was able to regain focus and get my life together. I lost weight and got on track. The around September I started craving coffee again. I decided to introduce decaf. So I don’t know if its just my super addictive nature or me and coffee. But I felt just as addicted to decaf as regular coffee. It was like a weird obsession and whats more strange is the impulsiveness that comes with drinking regular coffee returned but I was just like oh I am not ready to stop this binge yet. I am not kidding. This past week I started to experience acid reflux. I decided to investigate if there was any correlation between it and the decaf and there was some other findings. I decided to stop drinking it. I switched to herbal tea starting today. I also go on the scale. I feel sad about the number but I have been stress eating and lifting weights. And I am a huge 169 lbs. I can not believe how fast I have been gaining weight. I counted calories today and I did okay for my first day back on the wagon. So here I am stepping off the decaf OCD.

Some decaf side effects, ruining your stomache lining, rotting your teeth, depleting your iron levels, and slowing weight loss.