Its interesting to me that when I stopped drinking coffee within a few days I wanted to get track with my health and fitness. Since I stopped I have been eating healthier. I am down 5 pounds. My resting heart rate is almost 10 beats per a minute less but also a change I have noticed is that I am more controlled. Staying on track with my health is much easier without the daily dose of caffeine. It is odd to me that it would cause that and I think its interesting. Yes, I get hungry. Yes I have treats but I am clear in my mind about what I want. I don’t feel like I am going to go on crazy binge of three months. I know that making healthier choices for less calories will make it so when I want to have a higher calorie treat it won’t be as horrible. Tomorrow night I plan to have chili for dinner with cheese on it and tostitos. The sodium usually throws me off but totally worth it.

down 3.2 pounds

I am on my second week of integrating fitness into my workouts and I feel great. I am less tired and I am stronger. I have noticed I am much slower but I will build back up to be more fit and stronger. I want to have a better booty.

I am proud of my changes but also a little bit sad that I am only down 3.2 pounds in one month. I feel like it should be at least five but I need to be realistic. When you start to eat healthier and try lose weight its a process of finding what works. I also have been vigilant about my calories but I have been realistic in that I am not being too hard on myself over the process. Like I am not being over the top stringent over my calories which is probably why its only 3.2. But I have a friend who always used say you could be 3.2 pounds up.

On this journey I have stopped drinking coffee and my resting heart rate has reduced almost by 8bpm. I also took note that last night I had two beers and today my heart was a little bit higher. I am loving doing step aerobics.

So I also do weekly measurements and I am happy to report some slight changes. I am down and overall of .52 inches and my bmi is 26.11. I almost lost a pound last week. LOL Wow. My waist and chest are 34 inches, I am built like a block. I’ll keep at it and love these changes I am making. I am very proud of myself.

Reduce my resting rate

I am exhausted today. I had a horrible night sleep due to staying up to watch tv. I need to get back on track learning this
stuff for work because I know nothing. When I am overwhelmed I give up. And that is where I am and I am wondering if another
opportunity out there exists that I am even capable of. What if I am meant to be jobless and homeless. I am tired today. So
its Friday at least. I was going to go out tonight but I am thinking about just staying home, I mean whats the point? When
someone just slowly drifts away and treats you less and less why bother? I am so tired and to go out then stay out later while
being so tired and do what? Listen to a bunch of garbage talk that never gives me more care or respect. No thanks. I will
cancel today telling him what I feel and its tired and not good. So of course because I got crap sleep the scale went back up
and I figured that would be the case. Interesting if I sleep later it reflects my weightloss? If I don’t it doesn’t. Weight
loss is slow but it’s not a race its a healing process

On the quitting coffee front, this is fascinating to me. It’s been a little over 30 days. The biggest difference I am seeing
is my resting rate! I was averaging 59-65bpm, which is low but for me that was on the higher side. In just thirty days I am
not seeing resting rates of 53-56bpm. I started doing step this week in coordination with walking daily. What’s funny to me is
my knees started out really sore but they are actually feeling better as the week goes on. Like they were sore the first
couple days doing step. I ordered additional knee support, I hope it will be in soon. The coffee jones is starting to fade as
well, which is good because I figured that’d never go away. I still have days when exhaustion hits me and I need sleep but not
like in the first few weeks. I am excited about this change I feel like it really helped me to kickstart this change in my
life to being more healthful.


Weigh in for today, is…. 161.81 I think in about three weeks I will be at 159. This is great news am I am moving right
along in a positive direction. I was going to reduce my calorie intake but I am just going to keep at this and work out
regularly. Eventually I will get there. It took me a lot of years to gain the weight slowly and I will work to reverse this.
In other news I was looking at my resting rates because it interests me seeing this direct correlations with no coffee and my
heart. When going to sleep at night my heart rate isn’t as high. I wonder if I am snoring less. I will keep at my fitness as
well as healthier diet and see what other changes I notice. Yeah I want to look good and fit into a better size while feeling
good about myself but I also like that my body is reflecting the healthier changes. I was using tdee calculator and it
recommended a low cal number based on my sedentary life but I tend to think since I have been pushing for exercise, even if
mostly just walking that I am not sedentary. This week I did start step as well. I love Jenny Ford Fitness, and I highly
recommend her videos. She has a ton of them and I appreciate that she loves step as much as I do.


162.2 today. I know From experience that weight loss is a long slow journey and maybe you
will see results on the scale or maybe you won’t. Ohe thing I have noticed that is always
sure to give me a higher number is when I eat frozen foods, in particular frozen pizza.
I’ve decided to start doing step 3-6 days a week. I did it last night! I really just want
to get moving to see if I can change my waist and butt measurements. They are just 50
slow to move. I saw a great short with a person saying how do I get rid of my double
chin, and said no to face yoga, no to whatever else, then she said by burning more
calories than I consume. It’s kind of funny but we always look for these quick fixes.
Coming from a mother who was obsessed with the quick fixes for 40 years, I never wanted
to try them. The only one I got caught into the idea of is the liquid meals (shakes) I
have no idea why but that has always been a fascination for me. It never really works. So
I tend to just use them sporadically. I used to think they gave me energy but I am not
certain that is the case anymore. I am over a month without coffee. I had been craving a
special “drink”
so I got a match a latte. It was pretty good. My daughter made a great
analogy; she said it tasted like pennies. LOL. So I am 17 pounds from goal weight. I have
always found as I get closer I am like geez isn’t this good enough lol. I would actually
like be around 135 but I can’t imagine getting there at this point or ever last time I
saw that was around 2004. I was mad I was 138 pounds and needed to lose that in my head.
Happy Monday everyone. Be kind to yourselves and enjoy this week.
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My favorite topic! This week I only had one drink. I am amazed by how much drinks slow down the process of weight loss. I am trying to limit myself to one day a week having a couple of drinks at most. I can totally see my vision of losing these 20 pounds! I couldn’t before but I feel confident that I can get there I don’t feel like I am starving at all. Previously I felt hungry as heck. It’s probably why its coming off so slowly. Perhaps if I start doing step with walking it will help me to achieve it faster.

Maybe My Calories are Miscalculated?

My scale says I am 162.4. I want to note that I am closing in on 50 and had a hysterectomy a year ago. So it could be why it took me one month 2.6 pounds. Those are 2.6 pounds that are fragile too. Like I could walk by a donuts and gain them back. Anyway I have been slowing gearing up and finding my sweet spot. It is really nice not having the coffee calories; and being able to eat them and I haven’t been driving myself crazy with being stringent. At night time I have been having a low calories snack like popcorn or fruit because as long as I am working in the right direction I am okay.

Today I said enough is a enough and I did step at the end of my day. My legs have been feeling a burn when I exercise like a weird sort of tired I have never felt before but I did it anyway. I was hit with a wind of how I want to do this every single night and I remembered I was considering grad school. Then I remember my daughter starts the 8th grade again soon. It’s just funny how when I have some free time I think I can take on the world. I will prioritize but I feel my health, daughter, God, and work at most important. I was thinking about taking ASL classes too. I get so many ideas and so little time.

Mega ice cream

Good news, yesterday I was mega craving something good so I got a sundae. I ordered a small hot fudge sundae with mint chocolate chip ice cream. It came in a two point container! What the? I was embarassed to get this thing- What does a LARGE look like? I couldn’t believe it. So this was basically my dinner aside from 5 ritz crackers with peanut butter. I love occasionally skipping dinner and just having dessert makes me feel like I am having a super treat. So I weighed myself this morning and I was at 163.2 after
being stuck at 164 all week! I hope it stays but I will be careful to follow up with
this. I really want to lose the last 201bs
Interesting revelation today. So before on my weight loss journey I was so all in being
vigilant and focused purely on that. When other stuff distracted me I dropped the ball.
also was chatting with a weight loss support group and we talked about how to stay on
task when ever single day you start with today is the day and do nothing. The guy said I
just needed to do it one meal at a time.
He is right. I also saw a great video of a girl
who said she eat 60-80% of her
meals as healthy meals! She does that by making meals
ahead of time for the breakfast and lunch. The worst of it for me tends to be wanting
chips on dessert. And being hungry at the end of the day.
Otherwise I feel pretty good.
50 I realized I just need to do my best and not being perfect. That I can have some of
that stuff but it needs to be moderation.
Its when you fall into the despair of I will do
this later and then you are eating three bad meals a day and tons of dessert and chips
inbetween. Hopefully I will get to the place of fitness and more balanced hormones.

Stubborn weight

I will be 47 soon, and weight loss is definitely not easy. When I first started I was at 165, dropped down to 163, went back up over 165 and now I am at 164. I have been watching my calories but not ridiculously so. I wonder if I need to be more stringent. I hate getting really tight on this. I have been eating around 1200-1400 calories per a day. And I realize a calorie isn’t just a calorie. So I am wondering what I need to mix up here to see more significant results. It’s okay though I feel good that I am trying now instead of NOT. The opposite leads me to a place of despair and porkiness. Weight loss is not easy that’s for sure. So here I am back at that place, the truth is this is what I need to do always. Not sometimes but always. I am always fascinated there is a girl I follow and she eats around 1900 a day and she is trim. She works out yes but I don’t get it. I’ll keep trying.

I cut out coffee which gave me cream several times a day. I cut out sugar from my coffee years ago. I cut out eating cheese recently. Nothing happens lol. It’s kind of funny. Definitely makes me think that my system is screwying probably due to all the chemicals and crap we have here.

And I am up almost 2 pounds

So I jumped right in and started counting calories and I think perhaps I went to low at my deficit or something because I suddenly gained two pounds. I spent the weekend walking and exercising. It felt good. I avoided having a beer last night to make sure my calories came in right and I am up .4 more pounds this morning. I will keep at it. I have been eating turkey meatloaf that I made with an onion soup mix and sometimes foods like that make me retain water. As long as I stay consistent and keep trying I am okay.

This morning I started doing a tracy anderson workout, I am liking her method. I am going to buy the thing to her site but first I want to cancel my gym membership that I do not use. And some other stuff to save money. I got to a part where she used a chair and I stopped because guess what I don’t have a chair lol.

Funny when I saw the scale up I went right to the idea of coffee, no I will not do that. My body will balance out eventually and I will figure out the problem area that I am creating. I will try to bring up the notch on drinking more fluids.

Either way I am proud of myself in my return to try to lose the 20 pounds.