Getting Back to Work

I didn’t fall off the diet wagon but I did fall into a bit of slump. Today I took the first step to get back to fitness and diet. I did step for 15 minutes. Unreal that I could be going at such a good pace and fall off the face of the earth! It happens and over the years its happened to me. Its like the wind stops blowing and my sails fall into the water! I was so busy last week and planted to my chair for a lot of hours trying to achieve what I wanted.

During that time I realized that I am not great at certain things and it was time for a change which led me down and entirely different path that also requires a ton of sitting. But that’s ok. I will do a combination and focus my efforts into this because its important and what I want to do. I feel like I kind of lost my way years ago with my career.

With that said I will not lose focus on my health as without that there is nothing else. I haven’t faltered from my diet though because its not easy for me to lose I have to be 100% on diet and exercise to keep losing. Oddly if I eat 1100 without exercise that is maintenance. I’m ready to unearth some new low cal – high volume dinner recipes!! Maybe I’ll try chili for dinner if I have any left, that was delicious!!

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