Diet Disinformation Industry

The past 4 years have been so enlightening for me. The realization that the diet industry is trash, and working with all the other bs industries to just take your money and keep you sick. Don’t get me wrong, yes KETO might work for you, clean eating might work… The secret is, do what works for you. Don’t think there is special magic pill. Weight loss takes a long time and requires a lot of dedication. When you get there it is not over either. There is no profit in healing your problems. There is a profit in confusion and a constant state of feeling discontent. Maybe you’d give up chasing the diet but then you’d turn to your doctor. Maybe you’d get surgery, if you don’t you will need medication to help solve the health problems caused being overweight. I love the concept of high volume and low calories.

Another weird week

I have been kind off in terms of my fitness since my knee injury. In case you didn’t know I fell in my bathroom and it basically rocked my world for about a month. LOL. I really hurt myself; like the worst injury I have ever sustained from a fall. So I have been slow to get back to fitness. And it is paying a toll I have been a bit depressed. My heart rate is higher! I am struggling in general with work and life and person positivity and happiness. This is typical right? I was in a better place but all the drama of world was like static and made things worse. So I had another week with no weight loss change but I am not by any means done just a bit stagnant. I got some variety of eats for this week because I need to mix it up; I start getting bored. I also really need fitness. I made the plunge to get the treadmill and 15 minutes later the peanut gallery talked about how they could fix the basement to be space. It is not a proper bedroom. I opted to cancel it. Whatever. I don’t know. Overall I did well in terms of eating. I think I was snacking more. But I did still stay realistic. I didn’t gain. I do want to start doing step in the morning for 45 minutes and weight lifting at night. That would be ideal. I wanted to treadmill run but where will the treadmill go?? No idea. I have no space here. No space that is my own.

Stuck for two weeks

It happened to me again, where I was stuck for two weeks then presto the scale dropped two pounds. It was pretty amazing after being at the plateau. Like my body was holding on the weight or I was suffering from water retention or bloating. I am 47 years old and I had a hysterectomy so often I am going through pms and I probably don’t even know it (as I still have my ovaries). I just suffered from two days of hungry horrors, from waiting too long to eat then over indulging so I won’t see any changes probably the rest of the week. I have been not walking as much since my disaster injury of falling in my bathroom but I am slowly getting back on track and I am torn between getting a treadmill for the winter or using the gym paired with at home workouts. What do you like to do? When I was younger I loved my treadmill but will I love it here in this house with my boarders and having to do this in my basement? Probably not.


So, it’s been about two weeks I have been stuck fluctuating at 155 pounds. I am at the lowest calorie
can eat because my body is always so resistant to weight loss. I have been walking regularly. I did ha
knee injury about three or four weeks ago, so I have slowed down. But today I am back trying to get (
track. It is not my diet that is off but the additional movement and exercise. My knee is finally somew
I like using the scale because it helps me to see when there is a problem. I might be missing calories.
have been trying to clean up the nibbling I do. Yesterday I had an amazing dinner of a turkey burger a
a brownie for dessert. Today I think I will try to have yogurt for dessert instead. I thought about trying
those beach body bars as a “dessert” as well. After dinner at nighttime, I need to feel like I have desse
I could cut one in half and divide it throughout the day as a “snack”

  • I think I will try that as a mix in.
    One thing that I think happens with a plateau is that we know what works and see it and then we get
    the stop mark, and we are kind of off track from the adjustments mode to find to the right mix but the
    we must go back to the wheel. To reassess what was working to try new things to find a new mix. That
    probably made no sense at all. I know I need to add more fitness into my work out especially since the
    knee injury.
    Something else I notice is I lose more weight when I sleep later. My body says thank you. I had to get
    today at 6am for a stupid work meeting. I have ten pounds left to go, so with that said I will try to find
    new tactics that work, and I want to try to find low calorie higher volume meals to try. I feel like I am
    missing out lately. And this weekend I didn’t even have a cocktail.

Sensitive to side effects

I am sensitive to medication and foods, where I experience the side effects. I’ve had people comment that its because I read about the side effects but this isn’t true. I usually read them after I start taking them because I notice the weird stuff. I have experienced a lot of side effects taking Wellbutrin, where I felt like my eyes were bulging and my jaw was clenched. It made me feel crazy anxious. Another medication I have tried that gave me side effects was prozac. I had the sexual dysfunction, dry mouth, jaw clenching, and brain zaps. After the past couple years my take on medications like this have changed a lot. What you eat makes a big difference in your mental state as well as exercise. I am not judging you if you prefer or need medication, I am saying that it is not an option for me. Nothing is perfect. So foods with chemicals in them effect me. Do you experience that as well?


I’ve done a few posts about this but I don’t care I am here again to discuss this. I love having cocktails but this past year I have cut back a lot. I also want to note that I am not a healthcare professional but I am a super sensitive persons. I notice the side effects of everything so greatly. I am super in tune with my body.

This past weekend I had one drink Saturday night and it was the first one in over a month. It had two shots of vodka in it. It was delicious! I was exhausted after I drank it. I didn’t continue with another drink because I am trying to lose weight and one day of excess turns into seven days of trying to get back to where I was. So I just had the one drink and that was it.

On Sunday I slept late because it is the weekend and that is my favorite thing to do of late. I used to always be up when it was dark getting stuff done but I don’t care anymore. I’ve lost my get up and go. Figure I have the day to do these things. But all day long I felt down and zoned out. Like please don’t even talk to me miserable. How strange! I am feeling a bit better today. This is just another reason why drinking is crap.

Foods that cause inflammation

Note: I am not a doctor or weight loss expert. This is just my personal experience with weight loss and my body!

First let me say that the scale does not hurt my feelings. It does not ruin my day or make me cry. I like using the scale as a gauge of what foods work for my body to lose weight and what foods do not. If I am at a plateau the scale helps me to find the problem. It’s just another tactic I use as a unit of measure.
Yes, it can be frustrating at times, but it is not the scale that is the problem. There are some foods that honestly, I would never go without but will limit. But there are certain foods that I notice an immediate problem with.

With that out of the way it is obvious to me that my body has an immediate reaction to certain heavily processed foods. I know that should be obvious, but a great example is home pizza is not a problem and frozen pizza is. I could eat the same calorie deficit and see a weight gain from the frozen item. And it isn’t just a one day of water retention, it takes 3-4 days for that inflammation gain to restore. I avoid the frozen foods aisle at the grocery store. Another item is cheese puffs, I know I should not be eating that
orange stuff, but the other day I had calories left at the end of the day. I ate 150 calories worth of this snack and I gained a pound. I know this isn’t real “weight”, but this stuff hinders your weight loss goals and it also creates that hate the scale drama.

I feel like I should make a complete list of items I noticed this with. There are a few but I can’t think of others off the top of my head. I wonder if there a common chemical in these that causes this problem.So here are the items so far:
Frozen mac and cheese
Cheese puffs
Canned tuna
Frozen Pizza