Over indulgence!

So on the weekend I have a zigzag day or two. So far this has been effective for me but this past two weekends have not! I had too much Chinese food and drinks this weekend. I had two drinks and Sunday instead of trying to drink tons of water I had some water and somehow I am up two pounds today. Ok, I say “somehow” but I know how! I realize the key things I did wrong. For starters I had too much food and I didn’t try to restrict enough when it came time for dinner. The first issue is going out with someone who orders a TON of food, with the second issue being I had two drinks and I didn’t work to hydrate myself the next day. I realize the gain is not permanent but it shows how easily the scale with fluctuate. So as much as I don’t like being crazy stringent I do think its important to identify a strategy moving forward.

Dining Out ZigZag Strategy

  • Restaurant meals need to be portioned before you start to eat.
  • Aim for a vegetable with a protein.
  • Stay hydrated. Sometimes that is a challenge because you are busy or don’t feel thirsty. When you drink a bunch of coffee and have mixed drinks your body will pay the price
  • The social aspect of eating out feels good but its important to not do as others around you even if you think why not? They are eating whatever they want! Stop and realize just being it tastes good doesn’t mean its good for your body.
  • These are all important because when you reach a goal of 15 lbs lost then spend the next week or two trying to get back to it, that sucks!

Social Indulgence

Let’s face it, old habits die hard. If you are trying to change your life you need to avoid situations that you’d previously over indulged at or attend those situations prepared. Yesterday was my higher calorie day so I gave myself some slack. Not only did I have breakfast out (where I didn’t have too much), but I also had two large slices of very salty pieces of pepperoni pizza while at a social gathering. And yes, I drank a big portion of my calories yesterday with mixed drinks. The scale thanked me today with water weight.

So how do you go into battle? I knew this was my higher day so I didn’t really care but today I see it on the scale and I also feel like crap. My joints hurt and I am exhausted. I love having drinks but it does make me uninhibited and prone to making extra pizza type of decisions. This gathering is actually not something I typically do but it does happen on occasion. I didn’t feel like my decisions where ever over the top or out of control but I knew that the scale would laugh at me today. Part of this is also that you cannot keep going in that direction and making these choices daily. Its a once in a while thing.

Zigzag Days

Two days a week, usually on the weekend I consume my maintenance mode calories (or around that). The weekend started early yesterday with Chinese food last night. I tried to pick something that I’d enjoy that “seemed” somewhat healthier and ate it within a normal portion size. I think I did well. I had one crab rangoon and I had Moo Shoo Chicken, I made one wrap. It may not have been the best option but it was an option, right? This morning I was so busy pulling myself together to slip out for a for realsy coffee that I forgot to weigh myself. Today I will also NOT be doing my weekly measurement and opting to wait for next week. I almost feel like I am missing out! Maybe I’ll do it anyway. It just seemed like maybe it was redundant. How often do you measure and do progress photos?