Social Indulgence

Let’s face it, old habits die hard. If you are trying to change your life you need to avoid situations that you’d previously over indulged at or attend those situations prepared. Yesterday was my higher calorie day so I gave myself some slack. Not only did I have breakfast out (where I didn’t have too much), but I also had two large slices of very salty pieces of pepperoni pizza while at a social gathering. And yes, I drank a big portion of my calories yesterday with mixed drinks. The scale thanked me today with water weight.

So how do you go into battle? I knew this was my higher day so I didn’t really care but today I see it on the scale and I also feel like crap. My joints hurt and I am exhausted. I love having drinks but it does make me uninhibited and prone to making extra pizza type of decisions. This gathering is actually not something I typically do but it does happen on occasion. I didn’t feel like my decisions where ever over the top or out of control but I knew that the scale would laugh at me today. Part of this is also that you cannot keep going in that direction and making these choices daily. Its a once in a while thing.

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