Egg White Breakfast Wrap – 160 Calories

I have been trying to eat low calorie, high volume foods. This morning I made a delicious breakfast wrap that was low calorie and filling. If I had known it was this low of calorie I would have added another sausage or more cheese! I didn’t realize until after. Here is the recipe:

A cup of spinach

2 mushrooms sliced

1/4 egg whites

1 wheat tumaro wrap

1 maple sausage

1 ultra thin slice of provolone cheese

I sautéed the spinach and mushrooms with cooking spray and water, be sure to drain off excess water! Cook sausage and slice it into small pieces. Add in 1/4 of egg whites and mix together. Put the wrap on the griddle with a slice of cheese then add your egg mixture and fold it up. EAT!

Because today is my zigzag day I will be having dinner and drinks later so I am ok with this lower calorie breakfast. On a normal low calorie day I might keep the meal this low so I can have a protein bar later in the day when I’m craving dessert!

Please share your hacks for cutting calories?

It’s Contagious!!!

When you start to make healthy changes and see the difference it becomes contagious! You don’t want to go back to how you were before because that didn’t feel good mentally or physically. Before I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted but I was like a pork sausage jammed into my clothing. I felt sad, and ugly. At the end of the day I beat myself up, every single day!

Now, I am look forward to getting up each day doing my best. I love it. I create small goals to achieve in between getting to my main goal. Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to achieving my primary goal weight so I can enjoy the maintenance calories, but making these changes to choose lower calorie high volume foods is the best thing I have ever stumbled on! I love seeing the scale and my body reflect these changes. I love that at the end of the day I have room for low calorie snack like pretzels or popcorn, and it does not annihilate all my work!

When I was in my downward spiral of weight gain, I actually had the mindset of “its ok I can lose the weight later.” And I remember thinking that when I had gained the first time as well, I’ll get through this stressful time and then lose later. Like being out of control somehow helped me get through that moment in my life?? Its not okay to let yourself get fat and unhealthy, to cope with problems. It’s not ok to let yourself get so depressed that you don’t want to get up for days at a time. Would you let your friend or child do that? You’d do everything you could to help them.

Weight loss tends to be slower for me, and I also tend to be a slow study. It takes me a while to find what works and to be actually honest about my calories. I am still fascinated with others who start a diet plan and lose double what I have lost in the same amount of time. While I think I am being stringent, I wonder about them? I wonder how their bodies work different than mine!

Things I know about myself, if I am not watching my calories (aka tracking them) them carefully I will cheat, and eat more and more. This is a given and basically who I am. Knowing this I feel like I need to forever track my diet as a part of my life, like that of exercise. How silly right? Its become very clear to me, based on my analysis, that I always let emotions run the show if I am not monitoring these aspects of my life.

Is being healthy contagious for you? Or is it a chore? I actually like the chore because the opposite makes me gross lol

Real butter

This is my favorite. I’d rather have buttered toast with my egg than cheese on the egg. Are you the same way? I have been trying to find a lower calorie substitute but nothing yet. There is whipped butter but I am not sure its really valuable you get a bunch air in your butter make it spread further?

What do you eat? Do you use a substitute? I don’t mind eating a lighter version but it should have similar taste profile lol.

Making Weight Loss Fun

Weight loss doesn’t need to be torture! I admit when you first start you try so hard to be restrictive and changing everything. Yes, you will be hungrier because you need to be at a calorie deficit in order to lose weight but what if you were creative and used food replacements that were lower calorie as well as sought out high volume low calorie eats? You can explore various recipes and food options.

Yes, you may eat different options. I actually enjoy trying new things and switching things up. I appreciate the high volume foods as sometimes I am hungry and want a lot. Like last night, even though it was my higher calorie day after 7 pm I felt hungry. I had a cup of popcorn for 47 calories. No kidding. I get that it might not always being exactly what you want but you can’t have chips everyday. You can’t have fattening fried food or desserts that are massive everyday. Its what got me here and possibly what got you there too. It’s ok to not have these things daily. Appreciate them when you do have them but realize that there is no solution that allows it for you daily! Its an every once in a while treat. Research lower calorie options and have them in place while staying within you calories.

And I think some of us may always need to count calories. We require it because without that guide we get lost. I am one of those people. I hate when I am off track.

Favorite YouTuber: Nicole Collett

I recently stumbled on Nicole Collett on youtube. I have been taking a lot of tips from her and one in particular that kind of isn’t so much a tip as an affirmation. I have heard her say this in multiple videos and you will probably think this is dumb but I have actually searched this online as well, she mentions if you are eating at a calorie deficit to lose weight you will feel HUNGRY and she goes on to the say – THAT IS NORMAL.

Call me silly but with so much contradicting information out there I wondered if I should be feeling hungry all the time. If that was really normal. I feel like it sounds dumb that I am saying this, but I have actually looked this up. I have days when I am more hungry than others and that’s because some days I do more!

Anyway check out her channel she’s great!


Last night I tried having air popped corn with salt on it. I don’t like popcorn its just NOT for me. I might try pretzels as a snack instead because that was just gross. What snack ideas do you have? I really want to find a good recipe book that is low calorie, high volume, and potentially EASY? Not asking for much I know…