Where have I been!?

I got whatever is going around and I have been sick for the past two weeks. I hate that it was right when I started working out. And also, why is it when you are sick you eat horribly? Oddly enough I have been hyper focused on learning REACTJS, WSL2, GraphQL, and Docker. I don’t know where this burst came from. But here I am doing my best to understand the technology. I have not been moving around much or eating great. I don’t want to let this roll into years of flab and my death! I am 46 years old; I need fitness. I am still TIRED and feeling congested from the horrible cold we all had here. But I am back! I actually thought I’d be back at the start of this week, but I was so distracted with a job interview and trying my hardest that I lost my mind.

18 Pounds Lost with 13 Pounds Left 

In total since I started this journey, I have lost 18 pounds. I have been hung up since October of last year. I am not done or comfortable where I am on the scale. Numbers are not everything, I agree! I am 5’5, and I’d always hear about women who were 5’9 and 117 pounds. Like what? That baffles me, my body just says there is NO way. 

When I measured this weekend, my weight was the same as it was last October, so that is GREAT! But with the measurements stopping I also stopped working out. I did not stop walking, but dare I say that I need more than that? So here is the breakdown: 

My bust measured at a 1-inch gain… 

My chest measured at a 1-inch gain… 

My waist stayed the same. 

My hips had a 2-inch gain… 

Last October I opted to stop doing weekly measurements because I wanted to see a bigger change! I got the bigger change! I have said repeatedly that I need to log on to a regular basis otherwise I cheat myself. I do not think I am getting away with something, I just assume I have time. Also, I do not know what happened that I stopped working out regularly but from a mental standpoint fitness always makes me feel better even if it is small. I am back at pushing myself. And I have learned my lesson and I am officially measuring myself weekly as well as weighing in daily.  

Do not let your cheat meal roll into a yearlong binge 

Our minds are so fickle, at least mine is. I can be all in and ready to go for months and one thing can change, and I am lost. I am not going to let that happen this time, because I am getting older, and my health is important to me. We had a great holiday, and I am back to work and weight loss! One of the things I struggle to implement is a more intense workout. I have been walking but I feel like I need something more that will build muscle and definition!

Has this ever happened to you where you have a cheat meal, that rolls into a day and next thing you know you forgot you were trying to lose weight? Yes, it has happened to me too. I find that my negative obsession with not being good enough is curbed if I eat healthily on a consistent basis. So today was a good weigh in day but I would hardly say its “weight loss,” since it was my first day back to properly logging calories yesterday. I weighed in today at 155.8 pounds.

Today I will continue with logging calories and trying to stay within my deficit. I will get some exercise; I hope to do step and go for a walk! And I will drink lots of water! Are you with me? Happy 2022.

How to start a Diet!

Happy 2022! Another year has started, and you are still struggling with your weight. This article is about straightforward ways for you to get started with weight loss. Weight loss is a formula, you need to create a calorie deficit. It will take time and consistency but if you stay with this you will lose weight. So, before you run to the store to buy a diet book or special meals, stop, and consider this. You have all the tools you need right here. There is no magic or overnight pill. There is no special food plan. Today is the day and here is how: 

  • Day 1 do not eat at a calorie deficit; eat how you normally would eat but measure and record ALL your calories. Why? This will give you an idea of why you are gaining weight.  
  • Day 2 go to TDEE Calculator: Learn Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure. Get the number of calories you should be eating to be at a calorie deficit. Try to implement this number eating your normal foods by using portion control.  

Not everyone can read a diet plan and dive 100% all in and lose weight. The reality is that this is a slow process and if you make an initial change that is small you will notice changes. I started out at 174 pounds; I am currently at 157 pounds. My goal is 140 pounds. Happy New Year let us do this together. It does not need to come off fast! You need only start making those healthier changes.