Do not let your cheat meal roll into a yearlong binge 

Our minds are so fickle, at least mine is. I can be all in and ready to go for months and one thing can change, and I am lost. I am not going to let that happen this time, because I am getting older, and my health is important to me. We had a great holiday, and I am back to work and weight loss! One of the things I struggle to implement is a more intense workout. I have been walking but I feel like I need something more that will build muscle and definition!

Has this ever happened to you where you have a cheat meal, that rolls into a day and next thing you know you forgot you were trying to lose weight? Yes, it has happened to me too. I find that my negative obsession with not being good enough is curbed if I eat healthily on a consistent basis. So today was a good weigh in day but I would hardly say its “weight loss,” since it was my first day back to properly logging calories yesterday. I weighed in today at 155.8 pounds.

Today I will continue with logging calories and trying to stay within my deficit. I will get some exercise; I hope to do step and go for a walk! And I will drink lots of water! Are you with me? Happy 2022.

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