Back to Fitness

Today I am going to kick off getting back into fitness. Between work, school, homeschooling and stress I have been putting myself back burner. And its interesting how it doesn’t even seem back burner after a couple days. After shoving off that I want to do this for myself for a few days then I feel this wave of heavy sorrow over me. Where moving is not something I want to do! This is what happened to me before. It’s difficult because I try to engage my kid to do things with me and instead she impedes actual exercise and irritates me.

Honestly these are some of the minor things I can still control. It’s time to get up and get rolling. A friend suggested I set it like I would a meeting reminder. Maybe during my M-F I will do this as well. So my start will be step and weights today!

On a side note I have been staying focused but the scale hasn’t been moving much, but fluctuating between 1-2 same pounds. I was going with such gusto, so here I am to finished that last 20 lbs!!!

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