Day 2 no sweets

Day 2 of no dessert! No kidding this might be the first time in like a decade or more that I have not had dessert. I have always eaten dessert throughout the day or after dinner. My goal is to go 60 days and see how I feel! I am on day two and proud of myself. I am feeling super depressed though but that is due to other stuff.

Today I also started to eat less carbs. I did pretty well. I am uncertain what someone has for breakfast if there are no eggs? What is high protein and low or no carbs that you can eat for breakfast?

A friend told me you won’t start seeing the pay off of no sugar until at least day 45. I think its interesting and will try this out. I am eager to see if I can lose weight more easily because in the past it was stubborn and slow. Wonder if maybe sugar causes the perfect storm in your body to disrupt your hormones.

I also wonder if it builds over time and takes a long time to change from not eating it. Like when you first start eating it you don’t see weight gain and you can even keep it in your diet while you lose weight but as you get older does it build something up in your system that causes weight to not come off.

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