Not one for fads

Weight loss tends to be slow and labored for me. I am definitely not one for fad diets. I always believe that consistency and slow is the way. But I have been in such a funk. Changing jobs is never great. I have been slowly coming out of it with spring cleaning and changes in my life. But I want to be fit and trim. I am almost back at 160 lbs. I am still 25 lbs away from my goal. I am tired of letting stress control me. Between eating crappy foods to biting my nails. I need to get off the train of letting stress control my life and take control of it for myself. I don’t need the kid to be out of school. I I just need to balance my life so that I care for myself. I have a space for step. I plan to do my step and walking to get back on track. I have been feeling like the thing that slows me down the most is the whole a calorie isn’t just a calorie. I think its the sugar intake. I am going to make attempts to remove dessert and also reduce carb intake. Starting tomorrow I am going for this. I was thinking about trying low carb meals. And trying to fast longer. So here it goes. Why not right? I read amazing things about sugar reduction improving skin too! I want that. And you know what my kid laughed at me when I said I was ditching sugar. LOL. I want to make this attempt. At least for 30 days to see what I think. I am also trying to work out for 3 days a week with one day of good stretching.

Here we go…

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