September rolls into February?

I was doing great all last year and I was on a role. In September I started craving coffee again. I have been drinking decaf, but what I find odd is the lack of focus I have for my journey when I drink coffee. I am going to quit drinking it again. I also just started another new job. This past year has been hard. The job I had was a terrible match for me and this one I have no idea. Whatever at this point. Does it matter? I feel pretty confident I will have nothing when I retire either way. So at least I am working right? Anyway I am going to attempt to get back on the wagon tomorrow by logging my food intake and stopping with the decaf. I don’t think its positive for me. I will also try to eat more veggies. I am going to look into veggie food plans or salads because I enjoy that the most. It leaves me feeling lighter but satisfied.

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