My problem

Maybe everyone is like this? Maybe its just anxiety. Anyway this is my thing. I am forever discontent. I had hit a sweet spot for a few years but my issue is pretty consistent. I want to do something and instead of just doing the thing I will analyze it forever. I will research every possible option and I will bail on the options ruining all possible choices. And I do this for every aspect of my life. If I get a job I will immediately feel not good enough and start job searching. I will apply for every job in the 8 million mile radius. Exhausting options. I did this for school for me. School for kid s. I never settle down I bought this stupid ass condo and now I am misery. But I always feel not content. I dont know how to reel this in. At my work I can get free school and I considered doing this to keep myself busy. I don’t know. How do I just enjoy what I have an live in the now. This really has been an ongoing problem for me. Its weird I feel like my last job was never a thing.

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