Foods that cause inflammation

Note: I am not a doctor or weight loss expert. This is just my personal experience with weight loss and my body!

First let me say that the scale does not hurt my feelings. It does not ruin my day or make me cry. I like using the scale as a gauge of what foods work for my body to lose weight and what foods do not. If I am at a plateau the scale helps me to find the problem. It’s just another tactic I use as a unit of measure.
Yes, it can be frustrating at times, but it is not the scale that is the problem. There are some foods that honestly, I would never go without but will limit. But there are certain foods that I notice an immediate problem with.

With that out of the way it is obvious to me that my body has an immediate reaction to certain heavily processed foods. I know that should be obvious, but a great example is home pizza is not a problem and frozen pizza is. I could eat the same calorie deficit and see a weight gain from the frozen item. And it isn’t just a one day of water retention, it takes 3-4 days for that inflammation gain to restore. I avoid the frozen foods aisle at the grocery store. Another item is cheese puffs, I know I should not be eating that
orange stuff, but the other day I had calories left at the end of the day. I ate 150 calories worth of this snack and I gained a pound. I know this isn’t real “weight”, but this stuff hinders your weight loss goals and it also creates that hate the scale drama.

I feel like I should make a complete list of items I noticed this with. There are a few but I can’t think of others off the top of my head. I wonder if there a common chemical in these that causes this problem.So here are the items so far:
Frozen mac and cheese
Cheese puffs
Canned tuna
Frozen Pizza

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