My stomach is smaller

Weight loss is very slow, okay so is weight gain but its more challenging on the down that because you want to be fabulous for your hard work and you know the saying a watched pot never boils. The key is monitor your progress in various ways. I used photos, measurements, and the scale. I know there are some who are against the scale but it works well for me. It can be discouraging but weight loss in general can be. One thing that helps is keeping in mind it is not a sprint but a marathon and you need to realize even after you hit the goal you still need to operate on the 80 / 20 rule. 80% of your meals need to be healthy and dessert is an infrequent splurge, though I do enjoy having ice cream once a week and chocolate daily. My gut was was rather large when I weighed 165, it is finally slowly starting to reduce. This is exciting 🙂 My waist is still big and my jeans are not fitting lose but they are just starting to fit instead of being a tight muffin top hanging over the edge. I did the thing they tell you not to do and I bought myself I size smaller cute jeans because I winter is coming and I want to wear them later and I plan to be smaller. I can get them on but they are tight still. In about 5 pounds they will fit better. I am guessing about a month or so.

AND maybe just maybe this year I will be able to fit into my wicket witch costume! LOL it is so tight, but the end of October has the potential of being in the 140s?? Wishful thinking but that would be nice. It was tight when I wore it years ago but I will hope that I will get to wear it again….

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