Mega ice cream

Good news, yesterday I was mega craving something good so I got a sundae. I ordered a small hot fudge sundae with mint chocolate chip ice cream. It came in a two point container! What the? I was embarassed to get this thing- What does a LARGE look like? I couldn’t believe it. So this was basically my dinner aside from 5 ritz crackers with peanut butter. I love occasionally skipping dinner and just having dessert makes me feel like I am having a super treat. So I weighed myself this morning and I was at 163.2 after
being stuck at 164 all week! I hope it stays but I will be careful to follow up with
this. I really want to lose the last 201bs
Interesting revelation today. So before on my weight loss journey I was so all in being
vigilant and focused purely on that. When other stuff distracted me I dropped the ball.
also was chatting with a weight loss support group and we talked about how to stay on
task when ever single day you start with today is the day and do nothing. The guy said I
just needed to do it one meal at a time.
He is right. I also saw a great video of a girl
who said she eat 60-80% of her
meals as healthy meals! She does that by making meals
ahead of time for the breakfast and lunch. The worst of it for me tends to be wanting
chips on dessert. And being hungry at the end of the day.
Otherwise I feel pretty good.
50 I realized I just need to do my best and not being perfect. That I can have some of
that stuff but it needs to be moderation.
Its when you fall into the despair of I will do
this later and then you are eating three bad meals a day and tons of dessert and chips
inbetween. Hopefully I will get to the place of fitness and more balanced hormones.

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