Maybe My Calories are Miscalculated?

My scale says I am 162.4. I want to note that I am closing in on 50 and had a hysterectomy a year ago. So it could be why it took me one month 2.6 pounds. Those are 2.6 pounds that are fragile too. Like I could walk by a donuts and gain them back. Anyway I have been slowing gearing up and finding my sweet spot. It is really nice not having the coffee calories; and being able to eat them and I haven’t been driving myself crazy with being stringent. At night time I have been having a low calories snack like popcorn or fruit because as long as I am working in the right direction I am okay.

Today I said enough is a enough and I did step at the end of my day. My legs have been feeling a burn when I exercise like a weird sort of tired I have never felt before but I did it anyway. I was hit with a wind of how I want to do this every single night and I remembered I was considering grad school. Then I remember my daughter starts the 8th grade again soon. It’s just funny how when I have some free time I think I can take on the world. I will prioritize but I feel my health, daughter, God, and work at most important. I was thinking about taking ASL classes too. I get so many ideas and so little time.

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