Stubborn weight

I will be 47 soon, and weight loss is definitely not easy. When I first started I was at 165, dropped down to 163, went back up over 165 and now I am at 164. I have been watching my calories but not ridiculously so. I wonder if I need to be more stringent. I hate getting really tight on this. I have been eating around 1200-1400 calories per a day. And I realize a calorie isn’t just a calorie. So I am wondering what I need to mix up here to see more significant results. It’s okay though I feel good that I am trying now instead of NOT. The opposite leads me to a place of despair and porkiness. Weight loss is not easy that’s for sure. So here I am back at that place, the truth is this is what I need to do always. Not sometimes but always. I am always fascinated there is a girl I follow and she eats around 1900 a day and she is trim. She works out yes but I don’t get it. I’ll keep trying.

I cut out coffee which gave me cream several times a day. I cut out sugar from my coffee years ago. I cut out eating cheese recently. Nothing happens lol. It’s kind of funny. Definitely makes me think that my system is screwying probably due to all the chemicals and crap we have here.

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