Weight loss “plateau”

So I lost almost 15 pounds and I had one week of a weird Chinese food weight gain and I have been stumbling ever since. I would not say that I have totally lost my way because that’s not it. It’s more like the wind slowed in my sails! I’m still floating around counting my calories and occasionally exercising. This last week I have had a cold and I didn’t do much, including eating. Today I am 100% back and hope to get some fitness in as well.

I don’t know that I’d call it a plateau because my body would have kept doing what it was doing if I had stuck with my original strategy. With that said I am back and will do my best to stay on track. Diet is key to weight loss but at this stage in the old age game I need to work out as well! So it wasn’t really a plateau but maybe more like fatigue and distraction! But I am not done and I will keep at it. I have noticed for me weight loss is VERY hard concerted work. Weight gain is pretty easy though! 🙂 I didn’t weigh in this today because I knew there’d be an unhappy fluctuation. Today I will hone in on doing my bestest.

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