Goals Small and Big

How do you break out your weight loss goals? I have my main goal of 135-140lbs. But my smaller goals go in 4-6 pound increments. For example my next goal is 159. To break out of the 160s will be a massive a goal achieved. I started at 174, my highest weight ever. When I moved to 169 I was so happy! To move to 159 will be a major celebration! When I went into the 160s my sports bras still fit but they should not have. They hurt they were so tight around the band. I never went up a size. So I am hoping wen I see that next goal they will be more comfortable again. Maybe when I achieve that goal I will use a confetti background image for that days post!

Other goals I have are to work out daily. No matter how big or small. I love when I time off from work I go for long walks and enjoy being outside.

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