Dieting and Progress Photos

Do you take progress photos? Even if you didn’t start from the beginning with a photos I strongly recommend you do this! I use a measurement app, and take photos with it on a weekly basis. So whether you love getting your photo taken or hate it, here 4 reasons why you need to take progress photos.

  1. Accountability. When you take a photo each week or month its similar to a weight in. It tends to keep you honest with yourself!
  2. Progress. No duh! You will be surprised by the difference in your body with diet and exercise. Even if the scale doesn’t change much, if you are exercising you body will improve.
  3. It’s about you and your journey. I know, this is basically the word progress but stay with me here. It’s not just for some online social media fad or show off session. Some people do these photos to sell a product or show off on social media. Honestly, you don’t have to boast but you will probably want to because, damn it be proud of your progress. I don’t post my photos anywhere and I probably never will but I could spend hours looking at the difference between now and when I started! I’ve only lost 11 pounds and I am in awe by the physical differences in my face, and mid section.
  4. Motivation. There are certain things I do that help to keep me motivated towards my goal of 140 pounds. This is one of them. It truly makes a big difference seeing yourself visually at your worst and your best. Knowing that you are making progress and your hard work is paying off.

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