If I were Male pt 2

I feel like complaining before saying if I were a guy I’d already be at my goal weight comes off as whiny. The truth is no one is perfect. I tend to think there are a few factors that make male weight loss different! First one being is men don’t carry babies. Well they aren’t biologically created this way. When you have a baby your body stores fat and needs it for the growth of a human life. By nature we store that soft fat because its life! Also having a monthly period with hormones being in constant up and down makes it hard to lose!

The second reason is that men think differently than women, all people think different but its clear how men process things is different. We see this all the time there is a clear difference. So I think when men move forward with something they may not have as much of the silly static in their brains that women generally have. A mans body doesn’t want to hold onto that fat as much though there are health issues that could change that. And I AM NOT saying every man / woman is like this! It generalization of humans based on my experience. I’ve seen men with eating disorders and struggle with their weight their entire life, these issues are not bias! It’s interesting to me that men and women can cut the same foods out of their diets, and men may see a more rapid difference.

It’s been 45 days of eating healthier and exercising and I am proud of the 8 pounds I have lost but wow is it amazing to me how slowly the weight comes off. Doesn’t it seem like we woke up 30 pounds heavier? I know I didn’t but it seems like it was super easy to gain it!

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