Losing weight after 45 years old

Yesterday I hit a low this week has been stressful for me. I had a big change roll out at my job that I am 100% adverse to. This past year I have also realized my beliefs do not align with theirs. I have three interviews this week and I am hoping that the stars align and its time for me to move on. With that said yesterday I started digging into research for weight loss over a certain age and I found some interesting information. Information that probably won’t bode well in the weight loss community.

The first article I read kind of aligned with my previous experience with weight loss. When I was in my 20s I hunkered down to lose weight from 140lbs to 125lbs. For whatever reason my body prefers to hover around 135-150 lbs. I think its more of a natural and normal weight. But in my 20’s I wanted to be where other women were in terms of weight. It always baffled me they’d say I weigh 117 lbs. Like what?? How?? I am not large boned nor am I tall. So the point of this is I decided to do it. I tracked all my food and cut back. This was before those online tracking tools. I used excel to keep track.

I started at 1100 calories a day, and I didn’t notice my of a weight change so I shifted it down to 990 calories a day. I wanted to be at my goal weight. I achieved it but here is the deal it was hard but it was worth it. I didn’t stay at that weight forever because well life happens. And I don’t think that 125 is maintainable for me, its not my natural weight. But what I thought was very interesting about this is that the article I read yesterday the person who also preferred weighing less did the same thing and she was my age and she referenced being an endomorph, which I also believe that I am.

So now, please stay with me because I might go off the deep end. Here it is calorie websites and weight loss programs always give you this number for weight loss, I wonder if that number is to keep you first not totally discouraged because you are starving but also using their app or program longer in an attempt. I wonder if they set you up for failure to keep you locked and loaded for another round? I know I tend to be a skeptic but it is a BUSINESS Model to create customers. Of course some will be successful but what if its just enough but not too much.

I am 40 days into this and I have lost 6 lbs. I already realized that I cannot count the calories that I burn and the scale is still moving just as slow. So I wonder if they actually have my calorie intake too high for actual weight loss. I am not saying I need to starve but I am saying is that they note for my numbers 2 pounds a week based on the calories. I am lucky if I lose a pound. The woman who wrote the article stating she’d rather get to that weight in 3 months of suffering than 6 months. I agree with that. I also know that it has to be a perm change and a “lifestyle.” You can go to maintenance mode but you need to stay on task of monitoring, like you would for brushing your teeth or washing your hair.

I also watched videos about eating foods that low calorie, high volume. I think that is also key to this who journey. I am gong to attempt some adjustments to see what I notice. I have 22 pounds to go at this point I wonder if its even possible. I know every week I fall off into the abyss, is this part of the issue with daily weigh ins? LOL. I picked up fat calibers and I will do that Saturday when I do my measurements. I don’t feel like its been a good week and I can’t imagine seeing much difference on Saturday. Its been stress-zilla.

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