Low Calorie High Volume Foods

This week was the first time I’ve ever heard those words! Maybe its hard to believe or maybe its the first time you have heard it to? I have only truly “dieted” maybe 3 times in my life. Like a focused effort that last longer than a couple days when you already thin to begin with! So basically the concept is what the words hard foods that aren’t high in calories that you can eat a lot of to feel like you are full. Today I had a turkey wrap with spinach and half of an avocado. I loaded up on the spinach. I also had eggs with a big bowl of veggies. Another tip I go was that often its not that you are hungry but you are thirsty and to drink 8 glasses of a water a day. Tomorrow for breakfast I am trying to nonfat greek yogurt with oats and strawberries. I put it together to sit overnight. This is fascinating to me because it never occurred to me. I also picked up the low calorie ice cream, Halo. My thought is that I have been refraining from eating these things, which is fine but what if its just that I need more variety with lower calorie food items. More water.

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