Older vs. Younger

When I was younger weight loss was a challenge but I don’t remember it being this slow! My body is definitely not working the same as it did. I wish I knew how to kick it into gear to be better but I need to step back and have patience. Reality is that other people need to lose a lot more than I do so my snail pace weight loss isn’t really that bad. Perhaps I need to be more stringent with my calorie deficit? I don’t really understand that when other people claim to eat higher calories and make changes. I am feeling defeat and wonder if I need to go to the drawing board and make adjustments further. To be clear here is a list of things I didn’t eat BEFORE I started dieting:

  • soda
  • cheese
  • milk
  • juice

Things that I eat sparingly now:

  • bread
  • butter
  • dessert
  • chips

Perhaps I need to assess it further maybe its just more than what I think it is. Like my calorie count is OFF my measurements aren’t precise enough. I want to buy a food scale. Perhaps it’ll help to better assess what I am eating.

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