Today 168.2… 5.8 pounds down!

My starting weight was between 173-174. I really think it was greater than that before my surgery. I’m to the moon happy about that number, is finally going down. I’m so proud of myself. I will keep at it and do my best. I want to be trimmer and have an actual waist again.

When I gain weight it’s all over but an extra concentration at my waist and hips. Kind of like a rectangle like. But my fat is not bias, it really goes everywhere. Because of this it’s so subtle when I gain weight. For example, I am wearing a size 10 (barely), and twenty pounds less I still fit into a 10 still. At 140, I’m a size 6/8. 140 is very thin for me. I have always been amazed by women who are 120 lbs. As I get older I notice certain weights are harder to maintain. I would love to be 135 again. But I seriously doubt that is attainable. The last time I was 125 was at 25. The last time I was 135 was at 29.

Right now my goal is… 165. I am trying to be realistic and break the journey down. Small goals seem more attainable. Just that flicker from 169 to 168 was exciting. Like proof that if I stay with it I can make this better!

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