Daily Weigh in : 167.5

I know I can’t believe it either. I am guessing its a scale fluctuation. I remember when I jumped down to 169 for five days it bumped back up before falling below. Its interesting how the scale is. I get how you should not live and die on this measurement. I totally agree. But its such a great motivator when its working in your favor. When its stagnate you know you need to do something different but what?

This is the most I’ve ever weighed in my life. I am embarrassed by this number but proud of the step down all at the same time. I remember reading meme to remember that your starting weight often other peoples goal weight. I agree but everyone is different. I remember being in a dieting group seeing a gal who was 120 lbs in the listing and she was trying to get to 100. She probably wasn’t tall. I envied her number but I also realize that everyone is different. I am embarrassed by this number for me, because of me. That I let myself go. I am excited to make these changes though. My short term goal is 165. My long term is 145. My dream is 135.

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