What do you think about the KETO diet?

I used to follow people on instagram that did the KETO diet and they’d share their stories and recipes. The recipes always fascinate me. I think its because they often look tasty and like comfort food. They also seem high in sodium. I’d always watch these short clips showing the simple recipe and how they’ve lost 50 pounds. And I’d wonder if I wanted to try KETO too? So I researched it, and kept watching clips… And I realized, that for me, the answers is NO THANKS. I don’t think I’d want to follow that as a lifestyle temporarily or permanently. I prefer using units of measure as my guide. The scale, counting calories, fitness and taking measurements. Assessing my diet and making adjustments. I like having a smaller portion of what I LIKE to eat instead of reimagining all of my recipes and diet to fit within the KETO block.

I know a lot of people have success with this method, but I know its not for me. I wish it was as I have heard great stories about rapid weight loss and again the recipes are fascinating and look yummy.

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