Last night I went for dinner and drinks. Since I have been trying to lose weight I have stopped having drinks during the week and I have been having a drink every other weekend. So I splurged and had a second drink with my dinner. The second drink was more than enough, and I was toasted. I don’t know that the drink was really strong or if it was just me but I have decided no more second drink for me. The last two times I have gone for a drink the next day I feel horrible. Not a typical hangover but my brain chemistry is off. I feel depressed and anxious, I used to experience this when I was younger too. My balance is off today too, I am still tipsy? Not sure how that’d be possible. I am questioning if I want to even drink anymore. Nothing good came out of it, it wasn’t that fun. I had an okay time but where is the fun in feeling like you had too much and your next day is ruined.

Before I would have a drink a few nights every week, but I got serious about trying to lose weight so I cut back. The first two weeks I wanted a drink every night. I actually craved it, and that was strange to me. Because I didn’t consider myself addicted. I was thinking it was a filling nature of it that I probably craved more than the feeling. But that last two times I have gotten drinks I have questioned if I want to stop drinking totally. The cravings for drinks during the week have dissipated, but I wonder if my reaction to getting drinks has caused that. Last night the drinks made me so dehydrated that I woke up with a sore throat today too.

I am not stepping on the scale today. Its my rest day today.

I hope I recover and feel better tomorrow. Drinking water and had a healthy breakfast. Onward, alcohol free.

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