Not Perfect.

When you are going on and doing great though its difficult yes, its like you are walking on clouds. It’s NOT easy to lose weight. It requires consistent determination and a change of lifestyle in the long run to maintain. There are certain bad habits that I do like eating fast or ordering take out a lot. Ok what do I mean by eating fast?? So if I am eating something bad for me, I eat it ravenously! Lol. It’s like if I eater faster I won’t notice or it will be less calories! So here I am, the gal who is trying to take control of the little stress demons of fat that who have been trying to take over.

Today I will log my calories.

Today I will drink a lot of water.

Today I will exercise.

Today I will not have any of the cookies I made.

Today I will have a healthy lunch.

Today I will have a healthy dinner.

I will not be perfect but I will not over induldge on cookies, chocolate, or chips!

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