A Stressful Week

My scale is basically laughing at me this week. Between switching to an earlier morning start to work on homeschooling and having this additional project for a job interview, I am taxed out. I’m not giving in. This too shall pass, and next week will actually be better. You know its just having a lot to do its how I feel while doing these things. Upset, and on edge. At the start of the week I had a phone screening for a new job. It’s a remote opportunity working for a creative department. It sound fascinating to me but then the interviewer gives me a coding a challenge. It’s a three part project with three very separate pieces that could almost be their own project separately and if I had put the amount of time in that I would have liked to I would have created a better result. I finished the first two portions and final section I have no idea how to do it. I am trying to take it one step at a time. My reasoning with tasks like this is if you can’t figure out where to start then you aren’t the right person for the job. I have all that together but I am still wondering as I work because the amount of work assigned to a person who works full time already makes me question.

So that has been where my focus has been. It’s been a bit draining. I miss my blog because that’s what I enjoy doing more! I want to write about stress management but I am so stressed I don’t know how to manage it to write about it! Needless to say I am up 1 pound and the scale hasn’t done what I wanted this week. I am very disappointed. But as I write this I am feeling better and like it’s okay that I can gather myself together and recover. It started with last weekend and it seemed the build up of this week has just spun me around. I am not overdoing things, though I did have a very salty takeout salad last night. When you order a salad and its too salty you know things are bad. In my free time today I will try to resolve my problems with the json file and come up with a lean new recipe for dinner! I think for lunch I will have an egg wrap!

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