How to stay positive when things don’t go your way?

I was on a roll, losing weight well and being successful a few weeks. I felt like I had the the whole thing sewn up! That I could easily achieve this! I still believe I can achieve but not as easy I thought. The jump up 2 pounds after a weekend was upsetting but definitely a wake up call to how I had been using my zigzag day. I’d hardly say I pig out as it’s usually just dinner out but this last time, with my friend who likes to over-indulge, I did too! He is one of these people that orders 4 appetizers at the Chinese foods place and then orders a meal with vegetables on the side. We could survive with the apps alone and be full! We really don’t need the other stuff. That he orders so much food baffles me and that he eats so much of it too! It’s almost like he believes that because he is out, there is an exception to the rule. So whatever, he can do him but the problem is me and how I react to it. I need to realize it just doesn’t work for me and I need to portion my food despite what those around me choose to do! I am not blaming him, I just know I always fall into the social trap. Where if they can do it, why can’t I?

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