Scale Fluctuations

All week I have been weighing in at 162 and today 163. Tomorrow is my official weigh in day for my online group. This is what I know about how the scale works for me and it makes me question if I should eat certain foods due to it. Yesterday I made homemade French Toast with French Toast bread and egg whites only! With that said I put probably too much butter on it and I had a sausage link. My lunch was light and within reason BUT for dinner I had chili again, which has been going great for me but yesterday I at the remainder so it was a little more than a cup and then I had a couple more chips than previous because they were broken up. After I had my dessert I tried a no sugar stevia peanut butter cup by Lily (did not like it). So I went slightly over but nothing outrageous. I tend to think breakfast was the worst of it.

I also exercised more yesterday which I didn’t do much of this week. Typically foods that make my weight fluctuate the most are highly processed, frozen or canned. Or high in sodium. I am ok with the fluctuations on the scale, its normal and natural. I am just baffled sometimes how it all works. I find if I am well hydrated I lose weight more easily! It was just a little bit on both breakfast and dinner. At the end of the day I am usually done and ready to have some eats.

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