Keto Recipes

Recently, in my online weight loss group a member noted to everyone she was starting the KETO diet and wanted tips and advice. I know this works well for some people, but there were people in the comments that thought the same as me, my advice is DON’T. I have never actually done the KETO diet. I have reduced carbs, sugar, fat and calories but the only thing I limit the most is my calories to lose weight.

I don’t know exactly what people eat on this diet but it looks like high fat, high protein, and I will go out on a limb and say I think calories don’t matter? I love following instagrammers that post KETO recipes! They look so decadent! Sometimes when I have been eating lower calories I crave high fat. It tastes so good, I’ve noticed though since I have been eating the high volume foods and using substitutions for those foods I miss I don’t mind missing them as much.

I know people who have lost tons of weight doing this. Is it sustainable? I have no idea. I really have been enjoying the food options I have and making healthier choices. I like finding new recipes too. I wish all recipes looked as good as the KETO recipes!

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