Measurement Day

So its that time of the weekend. I have been taking weekly photos and weekly measurements. To make note, I am that type of person that gains weight everywhere so when I lose its so slow. As of today, day 48 of my commitment to changing my life I am 165.6 pounds from 174 pounds, though I still believe I was looming higher at times. My overall body measurements are down by 9 11/16 inches! My bust is down 1.25 inches, my chest is down 2 inches (though I can’t imagine as my sports bras have been so tight since I gained and they still even are I just can’t believe it!). My waist is 3.5 inches smaller (again please note that I had a hysterectomy in May so I started with some surgery swelling). And finally my hips are 3 inches smaller!! NO kidding.

I am proud of myself. Today we had a little family celebration and its my higher calorie day. I still noted all my food and I also just got my first ever food scale. I am pretty excited about using that to hopefully guide better food choices. M goal weight is 135 – 145 pounds.

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