Dear Weight Loss, Should I trust the Science?

We are inundated with the idea that we should trust our experts. But lets face it, didn’t we spend years trusting them about our diets? With their food pyramid. Cheese is good for you! Milk is good for you! Low-fat works! Low-calorie works! Gluten free will save you!


Honestly, stop. Don’t bother with all of it anymore. The food and diet industry, does NOT have you back. Stop and realize that sometimes people with great credentials can be bought and sold for a price. Eating healthy might be totally foreign to you because we are at this place of information overload confusion. Let’s be real they are doing the same thing with covid so what makes this any different.

There is no magic or secret. There is no instant recipe but there are positive ways to take steps to help yourself. To be come a healthier version of yourself and to have fun doing it. Science has become this weird elusive word and if you look at the multitude of contradictory research your head will spin. Start with a plan of eating at a calorie deficit by measuring your foods. Seeing what a portion is, is a great starting point. Still enjoy what you love but at the correct serving size.

By the way, I am not a doctor, dietician or healthcare worker. So please take my point of view with the grain of salt! I’m just ranting.

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