Decaf OCD

Last year I stopped drinking coffee and it was the best choice I had made. I noticed I was able to regain focus and get my life together. I lost weight and got on track. The around September I started craving coffee again. I decided to introduce decaf. So I don’t know if its just my super addictive nature or me and coffee. But I felt just as addicted to decaf as regular coffee. It was like a weird obsession and whats more strange is the impulsiveness that comes with drinking regular coffee returned but I was just like oh I am not ready to stop this binge yet. I am not kidding. This past week I started to experience acid reflux. I decided to investigate if there was any correlation between it and the decaf and there was some other findings. I decided to stop drinking it. I switched to herbal tea starting today. I also go on the scale. I feel sad about the number but I have been stress eating and lifting weights. And I am a huge 169 lbs. I can not believe how fast I have been gaining weight. I counted calories today and I did okay for my first day back on the wagon. So here I am stepping off the decaf OCD.

Some decaf side effects, ruining your stomache lining, rotting your teeth, depleting your iron levels, and slowing weight loss.

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