Day 1

I am back trying to get my diet and health under control. I am trying a new path and I know I won’t see results fast. I am counting calories and including stuff I really enjoy. Trying to get up and do more. I know the scale won’t move much. I want to long term lost 24 pounds. 34 would be ideal but I haven’t seen that weight for about 15 years. So here I am feeling pretty good. I had some crappy choices today but I don’t care! I ate portion sized and didn’t go nuts. I am full. My day is coming to a close.

Last August I injured my knee and it still hurts. I have been trying to stretch and do exercises to improve range of motion and hopefully decrease pain eventually. I started back with doing step. I am keeping a calendar. I am taking the workouts slow and careful. And not doing over 15 minutes yet. So I feel pretty good about it. Back to the grind now.

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