Favorite pants

I bought a pair of camo cargo pants a few years ago and they were on the tight side, then I gained weight, and they didn’t fit anymore. I lost weight and they fit me amazingly for a hot second. The past five years have been hard, because life is like that. Today I decided to try to fit into the pants. I could not get them over my butt. I am aware that I am at a weight that I don’t want to be at. I am aware that I want to lose weight. But I have been wearing exercise pants for about three years and my weight has steadily increased. Everyday I wear them with the intention of working out and instead they are my eating pants? LOL. Seriously, I had weighed myself at the start of last week and started to put my weight and fitness on the front burner.

Today we went to the playground and I climbed on some of the equipment and realized how frail and unfit I am. I lack balance due to inner ear issues, but I am not getting any younger. This fragile state is only going to get worse. So with that said my fitness and my pants fitting is a goal for me. For the next six months I plan on working getting myself into better shape and trim down. The goal would be to fit into the favorite pants but to lose twenty pounds would also be nice but what if losing weight was yes a goal but the primary goal is fitness with a side of yes I will lose weight but fitness. So today is the day I will do step right now. Yes it’s 8 and I feel like I might have a cold coming on but I am diving into both sides.

Weigh in: 164 lbs.

Goal: 140 lbs.

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