Sugar experience

Whenever I change stuff or make a change like this I rant and rave so sorry for the repetitive posts. So today is day four of cutting back on sugar in the form of desserts. I am 47 years old and I have eaten dessert and or candy every day probably for my entire life, so this is the longest stretch I have gone! Last night and today I was experiencing really bad head pain and body aches. I am amazed that I’d say the head pain is almost worse than when I stopped drinking coffee. With that said I have a very strange thing I have noticed. I am only 4 days free of this and .6 lbs. down which is minuscule but I feel oddly trimmer, maybe less bloated? But I def do not feel as fat, and I don’t know how that is possible being only 4 days. I will keep you posted if I notice any differences.

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