Return of Intuitive Eating

Please note I don’t believe in the ideology or studies of intuitive eating. It might work for you but it does not work for me. And here are my thoughts on topic.

A friend of mine who is a little younger than me seems to be following the same journey as me. She had used noom and saw some success but then got off track. She is middle aged and goes to college part time while working and experiences probably a moderate level of stress. Life is challenging! Anyway, she fell off the noom track and stayed where she was from the weight loss but then lost control again. And now she is at the part of the journey where she is reading intuitive eating.

Intuitive eating in a world where we have healthy, natural, none processed foods, yes. Intuitive eating in the world of constant diets, chemical foods, fatty zero nutrition food, no. I am sorry it does not work and the reason is that intuitive eating tells you to eat the thing you want, and do what you want. Eventually your weight will balance out.

Intuitive eating go me to 175lbs. It didn’t help me. There was no balance just weight gain. The friend informed me that diets don’t work. They actually do but the thing is that you need to maintain and realize that the way you ate before will always yield the same results. I have been stuck for about a month. I need to get back on track because I want better. I would actually be ok with this weight if I worked out. This week I am attempting to do better. To add three days of fitness and still walk. Here is to be a better more fit version of Me. 🙂

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