Another weird week

I have been kind off in terms of my fitness since my knee injury. In case you didn’t know I fell in my bathroom and it basically rocked my world for about a month. LOL. I really hurt myself; like the worst injury I have ever sustained from a fall. So I have been slow to get back to fitness. And it is paying a toll I have been a bit depressed. My heart rate is higher! I am struggling in general with work and life and person positivity and happiness. This is typical right? I was in a better place but all the drama of world was like static and made things worse. So I had another week with no weight loss change but I am not by any means done just a bit stagnant. I got some variety of eats for this week because I need to mix it up; I start getting bored. I also really need fitness. I made the plunge to get the treadmill and 15 minutes later the peanut gallery talked about how they could fix the basement to be space. It is not a proper bedroom. I opted to cancel it. Whatever. I don’t know. Overall I did well in terms of eating. I think I was snacking more. But I did still stay realistic. I didn’t gain. I do want to start doing step in the morning for 45 minutes and weight lifting at night. That would be ideal. I wanted to treadmill run but where will the treadmill go?? No idea. I have no space here. No space that is my own.

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