So, it’s been about two weeks I have been stuck fluctuating at 155 pounds. I am at the lowest calorie
can eat because my body is always so resistant to weight loss. I have been walking regularly. I did ha
knee injury about three or four weeks ago, so I have slowed down. But today I am back trying to get (
track. It is not my diet that is off but the additional movement and exercise. My knee is finally somew
I like using the scale because it helps me to see when there is a problem. I might be missing calories.
have been trying to clean up the nibbling I do. Yesterday I had an amazing dinner of a turkey burger a
a brownie for dessert. Today I think I will try to have yogurt for dessert instead. I thought about trying
those beach body bars as a “dessert” as well. After dinner at nighttime, I need to feel like I have desse
I could cut one in half and divide it throughout the day as a “snack”

  • I think I will try that as a mix in.
    One thing that I think happens with a plateau is that we know what works and see it and then we get
    the stop mark, and we are kind of off track from the adjustments mode to find to the right mix but the
    we must go back to the wheel. To reassess what was working to try new things to find a new mix. That
    probably made no sense at all. I know I need to add more fitness into my work out especially since the
    knee injury.
    Something else I notice is I lose more weight when I sleep later. My body says thank you. I had to get
    today at 6am for a stupid work meeting. I have ten pounds left to go, so with that said I will try to find
    new tactics that work, and I want to try to find low calorie higher volume meals to try. I feel like I am
    missing out lately. And this weekend I didn’t even have a cocktail.

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