Sensitive to side effects

I am sensitive to medication and foods, where I experience the side effects. I’ve had people comment that its because I read about the side effects but this isn’t true. I usually read them after I start taking them because I notice the weird stuff. I have experienced a lot of side effects taking Wellbutrin, where I felt like my eyes were bulging and my jaw was clenched. It made me feel crazy anxious. Another medication I have tried that gave me side effects was prozac. I had the sexual dysfunction, dry mouth, jaw clenching, and brain zaps. After the past couple years my take on medications like this have changed a lot. What you eat makes a big difference in your mental state as well as exercise. I am not judging you if you prefer or need medication, I am saying that it is not an option for me. Nothing is perfect. So foods with chemicals in them effect me. Do you experience that as well?

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