Low calorie high volume eats

My goal is to eat this way but having to be at the calorie deficit that I am at is very difficult. My meals are usually no more than 400 calories each and I have two snacks during the day. There are certain food items I cannot eat either, or else I will see weight gain even at a calorie deficit. If I eat foods high in sodium, foods that are frozen (like pre-made frozen dinners), or canned foods. I will see a jump up in scale the next day. I am not saying it is a permanent weight gain but it causes inflammation or retention of water. For example yesterday I had ice cream for dinner and the scale went down still. Today I had bacon and turkey in a chef salad and a small brownie for dessert. I stayed within reason in terms of my diet but I will notice a bounce up tomorrow. I am trying to get below 150, but it has been very challenging.

Please let me know what recipes you love that low calorie and high volume.

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